How to lose fat not weight

Are you searching the web for how to lose fat not weight?

If you are don’t fret, there are tons of people who want to accomplish the exact same thing as you, but they don’t know the proper way of accomplishing that goal.

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The great news is that you have an advantage over a lot of people in the world because you realize that fat is not weight.

That might not make sense to you that fat is not weight, but if you keep reading, I will explain to you how that is so.

Of course we know that fat makes up a component of your overall weight, but that doesn’t mean that fat is weight. If we were to assume the illogical notion that fat is weight then we could further assume that muscle is weight as well. However let’s not stop there, we could also just say your nose is weight, let’s lose that too.

I know what you are thinking, why stop with losing just your breathing apparatus, you might as well lose a couple toes as well while you’re at it.

Now that we have established that fat is not weight, and just a component word that makes up the overall makeup of of how much you weigh, we can now get into how to lose fat not weight.

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